Linux and Programming Services

We can carry on in any environment, operating system, programming language, etc. Either we already have experience in the technology, or we find the needed information, and we hit the ground running. Technologies we have experience in include: Programming languages: 80x86, 68000 Assembly languages, C, C++, ADA, Pascal Delphi, Java, Javascript, Lisp, Scheme, Prolog, Basic, Bash, Python Web: HTML/CSS, PHP, XML/JSON, DOM API, node.js, react.js, angular.js Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, NoSql databases, XML databases Scientific software: LaTeX, Computer Algebra systems (Maxima, Matlab, etc.), SPSS, R, NumPy, Theorem provers (Mizar, Isabelle, Coq) Toolchains/environments: SVN/GIT, GNU Toolchain (gcc, make, etc.), UNIX API, Linux kernel, Win32 API System administration: Linux, Windows ------------------------------------------------------ 1) Overall study of your project (free) After meeting, listening to, and discussing with you, we create a first proposal that highlights a proposed approach, a schedule and a cost evaluation for your project. 2) Software -> design (+ implementation of the design) -> redesign (+ implementation of the redesign) -> reverse engineering (+ documentation and/or re-implementation of the reverse-engineered software) -> documentation 3) Systems -> maintenance, administration -> evolution -> migration -> security ; encryption -> versioning your data ; backup strategies 4) Research & development -> prototyping (of one or several possible designs for a software and/or system solution) -> technology mapping (identifying the possible technologies / components to implement your solution) -> techniques (find/develop the appropriate algorithm or domain-related engineering technique) ;

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